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Imam Reza by Maryambunny Imam Reza by Maryambunny
The original photo is taken from the famous Iranian artist Farshchian. He has an account here on DA. To view his full arts you can go to

Due to the low quality of his internet art, i wanted to enhance it a little and add to it for whoever just wants to keep it as a back ground on their computers. So credit goes to him completely and 0.01% to me for wanting to enhance it. Again he is the one selling a big book of all of his arts including this one on his web-site so this print is not for sale by me.

This is the depiction of a story regarding one of the infallible of our prophet's progeny. He was the 8th Imam/leader and deers and other animals would seek refuge with him from hunters. As a result even up to today, if any animals run towards his shrine located in Iran-Mashhad for refuge from slaughter, they're to be untouched and protected.

He was called the protector of deers in this story. (zamene aahu)
erfan91 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Professional Photographer

so nIce :heart:

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